The Arts Group Of Philadelphia

An innovative approach to self-discovery

Letter From The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for The Arts Group wishes to thank you for your interest in our organization. We seek to center individual and community issues in a theater arts and production forum. 

Fulfilling The Arts Group mission requires unifying everyone connected to the organization in thought and action. Our strategic plan provides insights into the problems we address, our organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and our goals for the near future

. As a constituent of our organization, we ask you to help The Arts Group stay accountable to this plan. As we move beyond the goals set, we must revisit this plan and adapt to our current situation and future priorities 

Thank you, again, for being a crucial part of the Arts Group family. We are grateful for your time, gifts, insight, and support. 

William Bickley, on behalf of the Board of Directors for The Arts Group